Thursday, November 05, 2009

a big 'un

Just had one of the bigger earthquakes I've felt in a while- hard enough I could really feel it shaking and it lasted a while, not hard enough to knock anything down or make me fall over. I did walk near my doorway to a) be close enough to it to escape if it shook a lot more and b) eavesdrop on my neighbors to see if it was a strong enough earthquake to be worried about.*
It was centered near the middle of Taiwan, and it says it was only in the 4 vicinity up here (Taichung area).
*This is one of those things that, when the earthquake isn't happening, I recognize doesn't make sense, because if it was an earthquake that's big enough to worry about, I would be scared and adrenaline would rush and I'd react. But I always calmly think, "Hmm, since I'm not from an earthquake-prone area, I don't know if this is a big earthquake or not. I hope my neighbors discuss the earthquake in Chinese instead of Taiwanese so I can know.

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I was sitting in my hotel room...and all of a sudden my chair began to rock back and forth..and it was the 2nd one at 7:30 PM. To me the 2nd one was stronger then the one at 5:30 PM. I know I went out in the hallway and the whole floor of guests were out there too. The Big quake that hit here 10 years ago must have been something as I here it killed and hurt hundred. I am in Taichung and I am not looking forward to another one soon. But, even with earthquakes now and then, I would rather live here then in Minnesota snow and cold.