Monday, November 02, 2009


When will I learn? I seriously keep doing these things that afterwards I'm like, idiot, you know better! Nothing major yet, just dumb things.

So one of my class rules is no saying "Oh my god" which is pretty popular English in Taiwan, like the kind of think even people who can't speak English say. I give my students the alternative, "Oh my goodness." Once I let out a "dear heavens" when they were driving me crazy so that's caught on, but it's pretty mild as far as explitives go...

But when I worked at Hess, I taught one class "Oh my goodness" the same day that they learned the word "nurse." Thus "Oh my good nurse" was born. And it drove me crazy.

And in a fit of amnesia I shared that amusing anecdote with one of my classes. So now all I hear is "oh my good nurse." and "oh my bad doctor." and "oh my stupendous journalist" as they have recently learned that word.


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