Saturday, September 17, 2005

Rocket Fuel Italiano

rocket fuel 003

2-3 chicken breasts

about a cup each of:


red or yellow peppers

zuchinni or squash

green beans


cut this stuff up into bite-sized pieces

about a tablespoon of garlic (diced but doesn't have to be super-fine)

some red onions if you like that (I can't really eat onions- thanks, Grandma's genes!)

about 1/3 c of olive oil

can of Italian-ish beans (like white beans), drained and rinsed

salt & pepper to taste, and italian seasoning

about 1/3 c of white or cooking wine


heat the oil (med-high) in a good-sized pan.  add the chicken pieces and sprinkle with pepper and about 1/2 tsp italian seasoning.  Let them become just brown on the outside.

add garlic & onions, stir about 30 seconds

add brocolli, green beans, and eggplant- stir about 1 minute. Then squash, then peppers, stirring and waiting about 30 seconds between additions.

add some of the other liquid (add earlier if needed)- you want to keep it moist but not make it soupy.  Add more as needed.  (depends on what veggies you use)

Cover and let simmer for about 2 minutes (check liquid level is OK.

Dump in the beans and simmer 1 more minute. 

I made it with orzo and it was awesome!  but you could serve with penne or something.  I make my orzo (and rice) in a rice cooker, and when it has about 5 minutes to go I throw in the green beans, brocolli, and eggplant to steam, then put the cooked veggies in right before the beans

sprinkle with parmesan cheese

This recipe is cheaper if you use whatever veggies are available and you think would taste good.  Like, we don't have nice squash or zuchinni here.  The goal is to have about 3-4 times as much volume of veggies as chicken.  If you use frozen veggies, cook separately and throw them in with the beans.

Note:  this is so good I think I might call it Rocket Fuel Delicioso.  You really should try it!  I realized as I finished cooking I didn't have beans but I have made it with kidney beans as Carrefour only sells kidney and black beans.  You can leave them out but that defeats the purpose of cheapening the recipe.  Also if you're me you can use red wine because that's all you have but obviously white is better.

Obviously I'm a throw-stuff- in kind of cook.  If you are just improvise!  If you're not, you can still improvise- just make it one time and think, is there too much/ little meat/ veggies/ flavoring/ moisture?  And adjust the next time.

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