Tuesday, November 10, 2009

oof. and duh.

So we're in the middle of two months of gorgeous weather here- 80s and sunny almost every day. It's to the point that I took my rain gear out of my scooter because at most there's ever a 20% chance of rain. I heard some rain-like noises on my windows this morning but brushed them off and when I got on my scooter, darned if it wasn't raining! I did have a rain jackets so I stayed half-dry on the way to work.

I kind of didn't want to admit that it was raining and I kind of had forgotten that you need to take it easier while driving in the rain, especially on the tile and marble that makes up the entranceways to most buildings. Like my school.

So I got my temperature taken, zipped on in the gate and proceeded to totally wipe out- my scooter just slid sideways and fell over with me on it. The guard and my boss both rushed over and luckily I'm fine- just a bruise on my knee and one on my foot. They made me go to the nurse and she gave me baby ice packs. :) I just feel like I keep doing things that are like, idiot. Of course you know better. I think I need to pause once an hour and ask myself, "What's a stupid thing you would've done when you first got to Taiwan because you didn't know better, but now you do know better?"

I was afraid the run commute home would become another one of those things I should've known better than to do, but I made it totally fine! Yay!

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Richard said...

I hope you don't get any sore muscles and need some Chinese medicine. A fellow at work had these round hickie looking marks on his neck and I said "what's that?" his co-workers all laughed at said it was a love kiss. He explained he had a stiff neck from watching the computer screen to long and he went to the local Chinese doctor. As far as I understand it, they heat glass jars up and they vacuum on your skin and that sucks out the pain. One of the circles look like a burn so I offered him some Neosporin with pain killer. he smeared it on and thanked me. Another thing to advoid I would suggest. Thanks for your Blog.
Richard in Taichung