Saturday, October 03, 2009

Riches & Success

It's funny what non-native-speakers of English pick for names. Of course there are lots of normal names out there, but even at my bilingual elementary school, there are kids named Lexus and Power. (And two girls named Yoyo, but that doesn't really advance my point...)

There are also lots of interesting names of English schools out there. My school has a Chineseization of "Princeton" in its Chinese name (not its English name, though). There are Harvard and Stanford cram schools. A popular form of advertising here is to drive around with a bullhorn playing a little snippet of music followed by a message. I've been hearing one a lot, with a xylophone and shrill childrens' voices. Tonight I happened to drive up next to the car playing that ad, and written in English on the side was "Bill Gates American School." I'm assuming it's unaffiliated with the billionaire philanthropist. I'd also like to see the foreigner who chose that as the school they'd work at.

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Richard said...

While working in Taichung one of the engineers I worked with, said he changed his name from Westly to Perry....I wasn't sure he made an improvement, ha ha. But he just did it without any problems or court hmmmm maybe I should change my name to Bill