Tuesday, October 06, 2009


So I did my Olympic-length triathlon. It wound up being a nice weekend. There were a bunch of volunteers who spoke excellent English and really went above and beyond to help us foreigners- I barely had to speak Chinese the whole time! The weather wasn't bad at all.
It was a little hard to know what to expect in terms of performance as I've never done a race this long. I swam somewhat less stupidly than in my last triathlon, in that I actually could do freestyle, but I kinda swam all over the lake. Still my time was only about 5 minutes slower than it is for 1500 meters in the pool- and put me 49/52 women. Ouch. I placed highest in the run, which is to be expected given my swimming skills and my bike, and wound up 39/52 women.
No typhoon days but autumn has fallen here (hee hee)- I've gone from skirts and sandals and sweat to pants and shoes and comfort, literally overnight. It's wonderful! I love feeling cozy.


jwchao said...
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jwchao said...

The chip record is posted here:

It's really an excellent job for a first-timer. Hope to see you again in Taitung next year.

Charlie@Taitung Super Triathlon Association