Thursday, October 01, 2009


I;m headed to another triathlon- this time it's Olympic-length. Sounds impressive, right? That's cause it is. It's twice as long as the one I did in September.

Mine is on Sunday. I leave tomorrow morning- it's pretty much as far away as you can get in Taiwan, and because the big typhoon destoryed part of the railroad, it will involve a railroad trip then a bus trip- or maybe railroad-bus-railroad? Not sure.

The kind is that a typhoon might be coming Sunday night, but there's only a 90% chance of rain in that city (taidong) on Sunday, which is a 10% chance of no rain, right?

Looks to be a nice hotel I'll be staying at, and I'm trained and ready to go, so we'll hope for the best!

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David said...

The south link railway line reopened last month. The rain and typhoon might be a problem though.