Wednesday, October 07, 2009

All Taiwan has to offer

1. The blind guys massage- apparently only blind people can be licensed masseuses in Taiwan? All the other massage places are "spas". So I decided to go to a place that had a drawing of a blind guy giving massages. None of the people seemed blind, in that they could all see, but whatever. They asked where I wanted and I said my shoulders and back and I got 20 minutes for $200 (less than $7US!) It was some kinda pain as the guy used his elbows for much of the time but my shoulder knots are significantly reduced.

2. Take-out lasagna! Yum! Why was I dying for lasagna? A little less $$ than the massage.

3. Rented a season of Friends... this was a bit of an ordeal as I rent a movie roughly once a season. The girl kept trying to explain crazy things she was trying to do with my card or something and I just said, do what you have to do in my colloquial Chinese. After five minutes I could finally leave with my DVDs. The poor thing explained a million more things and I understood nothing, but seriously, I gave you money, it's due on the 12th, what more do we need? Then she came out and stopped me on my scooter to make sure I understood that I had to return all 4 DVDs on the 12th. Yes. "But there's so many! I'm afraid you won't be able to watch them all!" I said I was sure I wouldn't, but it's OK.

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