Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Economic Stimulus

  Taiwan is so smart sometimes.  Instead of handing out economic stimulus checks, which people can just hoard, they handed out vouchers, which they have to spend.  Everyone got $3600 (a bike ride vouchers laoren 006little over $100 US) in Monopoly-looking money.  That is everyone except us foreigners.  Even the kids got it!  I wasn’t too worked up because it’s not that much money, but my greed kicked in once I saw all the cool stimulus deals.

At lots of shops, if you spend your $3600, you can get $5000 worth of stuff. 

bike ride vouchers laoren 007

Or you can get a folding bike (and a bag, I think?) if you give them your stimulus.  I’m pretty obsessed with folding bikes although I’ve never ridden one or really need one.  I might do this if I had a stimulus.  And how cute is the sign?

I think at Carrefour you can get $7200 worth of stuff if you use your stimulus there, but I’m not sure as all I can read on the sign is “buy”, 3600, and 7200.  There are also lots of travel deals, both out of the country and in Taiwan.

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