Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2 for 3

1. I bought skim milk at Carrefour. The belching lady was there (not belching today!) and thanked me for coming back to buy milk from her. So sweet. I showed her the skim and told her this is the only kind I buy. She said she'd tell the other ladies. Now that's service.

2. I paid my rent! It turns out you need to know which branch the account you're sending money to is at, and I thought it was in Fong Yuan but it wasn't. Oddly enough on my 3rd time to the bank two people were extremely polite and helpful, looking up the branch in some book, and they even filled out a form for me after I asked nicely. Jasmine said they probably realized they'd save time in the long run if they actually helped me because I was going back every day! It's funny because it's true.

3. ?? My scooter still doesn't start reliably. Well, always either the kick start or the push-button start works like before but that makes me nervous. Whatever, though. I can always ride my bike to wherever I'm going if my scooter doesn't start so I'm going to wait it out a while longer.

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