Sunday, March 08, 2009

Washing Money

Have I mentioned Taiwan's former president is in jail? For laundering money- I guess his wife has wired millions of dollars US to foreign accounts, maybe leftover campaign money or something. The thing of it is, every week there is a story about a Taiwan politician in jail for money shenanigans. One problem is that even local politicians have a huge "discretionary fund" that they can spend on whatever, and often their discretion is to have some nice meals instead of doing something for the taxpayers. Which is kind of understandable.

The other thing, which really bothers me about Taiwan, is that you can be held without charges. So the former president has been held for months without charges. And the opposing party is now in power.

Anyways, I guess many rich people like the currently-in-favor party, and I teach the kids of rich people, so my students are always making sentences about this former president. But they always directly translate the Chinese and say he washed money. I taught them laundering money, and what laundering means, and I finally started punishing them when they talk about washing money. Now they're like, "Teacher, why do you love Chen Shui Bian?" I don't, I love English, you crazy kids.

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