Monday, February 02, 2009

Rock Climbing

 rock climbing 007

Since I've been in this area, I've seen a perfect triangle mountain off behind DongShi.  Jasmine told me you can go hiking there and rock climbing, and I finally got the chance to go with her and another friend, and then the following week with two different friends!  I thought the rock climbing meant some hiking and then maybe a few rocks at the very peak.  I was wrong.  This was what it was like almost the whole way up!rock climbing 001


It was pretty safe, though.  There were ropes in place where you needed them, but you can see on the left how steep it was even where there weren't ropes.


rock climbing 005 rock climbing 017






rock climbing 013

Even ladders and metal hooks at some points. The first time we went I had not idea what we were in for- we were out there about 6 hours, although that included lots of breaks- so I didn't pack enough food and water.  The second time I was better prepared and have more fun.  These pictures are all of the first time, before the blood sugar crash!


rock climbing 018 rock climbing 019







To get to the very very peak you had to go off the main trail and climb up another rope.  It is a pretty shear cliff.  The first time I wimped out- I tried to use the rope to pull myself up and I was afraid I just wasn't strong enough.  My buddies did it, though!  The second time there were more people around and they used the rope to hold themselves perpindicular to the rock and walked right up.  I tried it and it was so easy!  When I got to the top, though, I was looking down the side of a very tall cliff and my slight fear of heights kicked in.  So I got back down pretty quickly.

rock climbing 016

rock climbing 020







We were fortunate to have pretty clear weather both times.  We could actually see Taichung but it was too shrouded in smog to get a clear picture.  On the left is DongShi and a few other little towns.  I guess on really really really clear days you can see the Taiwan strait but I bet that happens once or twice a year- between humidity, clouds and pollution it's rare to get that much clarity.  Overall a super-cool hike!


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