Monday, February 02, 2009

Earthquake! (a little one)

I don't think I felt an earthquake for my first 9 months in this apartment. A few days before I left for the US I felt a big one- turns out it was a 6.0 not too too far from here. (Most of them originate in the ocean so we don't feel them too hard.) The walls shook and there was kind of a roary sound.

Tonight, same thing- shaking and roaring. I ran to the window and opened it up to see if my neighbors were freaking out- nope- so I figured I shouldn't freak out either.

I pushed refresh a bunch of times on my earthquake web site to find out how big it was- a 4.7, but in the central part of the island.

I also just realized that if nothing in my apartment really moves or falls off a shelf, probably my building won't collapse. Gotta remember that!

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