Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Students' sentences

For impossible:

It's impossible that the poor student gets a good grade. (I finally realized- she deosn't mean a student who isn't rich!)

For president:
"Taiwan's president loves China more than Taiwan." (ouch)

"The USA president is not Bu-si, is Ou-Ba-Ma." The 2nd name is pretty obviously a romanization of the characters for Obama's name in Chinese- but what's the first one?

It's Bush (sounds like Boo-shee in Chinese).

One funny thing- I wear these generic crocs at work because we can't wear sandals so I just left them at work to change into and it turns out they're very comfortable to teach in (although I hate walking in them.) Crocs are call "buxi xie"- Bush shoes- because apparently Bush likes to wear them when he's on his ranch? Who knew.

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