Friday, November 14, 2008

Adventures in Job Searching

The latest is an interview at McDonald's at 10 this morning. And when I texted the lady at 10:05 to see if she was there she called me and said my text woke her up! Love it.

Also, I'm an idiot- you need to have a passport valid for 6 months to get a new visa and mine expires in March of 2009. Turns out 2009 is next year?!? Dang. So I basically have to come home and get it renewed there- there isn't enough time to do it here without risking passport-less deportation. Eeek.

It's not too bad though. McDonald's lady will basically give me a job whenever I deign to work there (not at McDonald's, at the school which does exist!). I feel bad because I made a few demands at another place which were met but they needed me to start in December, and I just had to tell them um, yeah, can't do that. I do feel like a big schmuck. So she said she'll discuss things with the big boss again and see what happens. I do love the schedule at that school but I know I'll have a job in January not matter what so it's OK.

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