Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Job Search

So I'm looking for a new job with a better schedule. I knew going in that most schools aren't as well-organized as Hess, and I had an idea of some red flags to watch out for.

So far I've gone to 3 schools for interviews/ demos. I have wound up subbing a class (in lieu of a demo) at 2, and the only reason I didn't at the third is that I didn't have time. Is that weird? Yes. I'm only supposed to do like a 15-min demo. It's OK for me as I have a good idea of how to structure a class and manage a classroom (and I basically get paid for my job interview), but I can't imagine if I first came to Taiwan and had to do this.

So far that's yielded me 2 job offers that I'm weighing now. I also got a text message from a lady- I'd dropped off a resume at some schools near my apartment, and she had called and we talked for a few minutes but I've never met her. She just texted me: "We want to offer you a full-time job. Can you come in for an interview?" I love the order of things- most jobs they have me teach a class first, then offer a job; she offers me a job before she meets me! (I have to assume that's contingent on my interview, we'll see.)

So... just have to be smart and not get myself in with a too-crazy school!

So, here's

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