Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I know people back home don't want to hear me complaining... but it is still so stinking hot! Mid to upper 80s everyday- I swear I got mild heat stroke yesterday. My body is through. It's like, I kept you going through the summer, but you promised in October it would be cool! And it's November! No more! Go take a nap!
Last year, I was wearing long sleeves and a scarf in October.

The other November thing- people think that because I'm American I have some special insight into the election. They were always like, "Who's going to win?" I don't know! Nobody does. Then they wanted to know when the election would happen. That I could tell them. But it's in the Taiwan papers! But they think I know better.

So Tuesday afternoon Taiwan time: "Who won?" Uh, it's 5 am in America. This afternoon I went into work, and it was "Who won?" I was busy all morning and hadn't checked the internet, but I was like, look at, or yahoo Taiwan for that matter (this is world news), and look! So we did. I explained the difference between calling, conceding, and confirming an election and results, and finally- "The chocolate man!" the Chinese teacher exclaimed.

Many Taiwanese people think calling people "milk" and "chocolate" is politically correct. I've tried time and time again to tell them that (in America, at least- ask a South African how they feel), very few people would be offended at being called black or white. Definitely more people would be offended at being called chocolate or milk. One CT explained to a new teacher, 'I know lots of people from the Philippines speak better English than me, but they can't teach English here. It's a milk problem." The poor new teacher was like, "You mean the bad milk from China?" No, no no.

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