Sunday, September 28, 2008

News you can use

This is a quote from one of the English newspapers I don't read. Maybe you can tell why. Hint: Why were the workers wet? And what kind of signs did they set?

TAINAN (Taiwan News) – The policemen and worker of the Directorate General of Highways at 1 p.m. today closed the Geosing Bridge, which has been used for 36 years because typhoon Jangmi brought heavy rain and flood.

There is having storm at Tainan afternoon because typhoon Jangmi is coming, which also can cause many disasters. So Lee Yi-jen (李懿仁) and his colleagues assembled the big cranes to save the railing and set the warming signs for night. Those workers were wet because of the rain and their sweat.

By Taiwan News, Website Editorial Staff

Seriously, though, this is some crazy typhoon. I am really grateful I have other buildings to block the wind. Probably the lights will go out later but I've got my flashlights. 60 mph winds are strong and I'm betting 100 mph winds will be stronger.

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