Sunday, September 28, 2008

Losin' my trust and getting it back

One good thing about Taiwan is how safe it is here, and how you can like leave your helmet on your scooter and all kinds of stuff in your scooter basket and no one takes them.

Except some idiot stole the little computer off my bike. When it was parked in my building's parking garage! The thing that makes me madder is that it only works when it's hooked up to the wires and sensors that are still on my bike, so now we've both got half of something. It's like stealing one shoe from me. I had Jasmine write a sign that said something to the effect of "idiot- if you stole the bike computer off the red Giant bike- it won't work and you can go to any bike shop and get one installed for $600, so put it back. idiots." I think she might have niced it up in the translation, though. No one has put it back, though.

But then last week I parked my scooter outside this elementary school on a busy street to meet for service, and people were like "put your helmet inside your scooter, or someone will steal it." I was like whatever but I did just because why not.

Then like 8 hours later Jasmine is taking me to my scooter and I'm looking for my keys and I'm like, oh, no, I bet they're still in my scooter and I'm sure my scooter was stolen. But we get there and there are the keys right in the scooter! I'm usually not that stupid but amazingly no one took it after all those hours. And it was totally obvious from the main road that the keys were there.

So I like Taiwan again.

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