Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting old

The wind has died down but it's still rainy here. Like, raining really hard. I thought about going to Carrefour or something if it died down but I have no desire to drive in this. Some other foreign teachers invited me over for pancakes but I already had a theory that anything that's fun after 11 pm is fun before 11 pm, so no need to stay out late. My new theory is that anything that's fun during a typhoon is more fun after a typhoon. If I were stuck inside for days I'm sure I'd go nuts but a day and a half, I can handle.

On somewhat the same subject, this is truly a great place to turn 30. I seriously can barely convince people that I'm 30. Or 31, in Chinese years. Just yesterday a couple I just met discussed how old I am. "18," the husband guessed. "No, she works, so she must be at least 20." Yes, folks, I am at least 20.

I'm getting sick of missing work for typhoon days, though. It's fun at first but we don't get paid for them so that's 4 unpaid days I've had in the past 2 months. And today was a games day for one of my favorite classes- the last games day I will have with them :(. Probably I won't get to play it with them either because the CT will teach the next lesson.


Anastasia said...

Hey Christina!

Looks like I'll be turning 30 in Taiwan, too. Why do you think it's the place to be for this much-ado-about calendar date? hehe... I also look about 7 years younger than I am... I figure it lets me get away with stuff. ; )

BTW, I love that you've got recipes going on. Why "rocket fuel?" Do you go dancing or hiking for marathon lengths of time after that meal?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Taiwan! I think it's because you don't have all the cultural expectations of back home- you're different so no one asks "Why aren't you married?" (my favorite) And it's kind of a boost to be unable to convince someone you're not 22.
And rocket fuel, I don't know- it was just the name of the original recipe!