Sunday, September 28, 2008

The New Typhoon

Weather talk has gotten boring even for me, and I love to talk about the weather. But we are getting another typhoon. It's getting ridiculous. Not much rain yet but the wind is crazy- I tried to walk to Family Mart to get a paper and in between the buildings was OK but I could barely stand up when I crossed the street. Then at Family Mart they couldn't open the door because the wind was blowing into it.

Janelle headed home at 9 this morning- the bus she's already bought a ticket on wasn't running but another bus company was still running to Taipei. I did go to meeting in Fong Yuan but my neighbord gave me a ride in the car, yay! Wind is already 50 mph and they are forecasting 100 mph! Don't worry, I taped my windows with typhoon tape and I'm not gonna go strolling around anymore.

OK! I will post about other things soon!

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