Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My one Focus class is all about the environment. So one day we were talking about droughts, and that Taiwan doesn't really have a problem with getting enough water.

So I asked: if there wasn't enough water in Taiwan, what could you do?

The answers: we would all die. Or, move to another country.

I pressed: if there was some water and you just had to save it, what would you do?

Answer: buy more water from another country.

I was like, you guys are lucky you don't have water shortages!

Another thing is that water is assumed to have cleansing properties on its own here, without soap. That explains the no-soap approach to hand-washing, and also the fact that many people just use water to mop the floors. (It also explains the fact that many floors are so dirty, but anyways...)

So they had to come up with ways to combat water pollution last week. And it was all, don't put stuff into the water. I tried to get them to think about cleaning the water, and it was like I was crazy. One kid said, "What? You clean water with water?" and everyone cracked up.

I even told them about a water treatment plant right outside Fong Yuan but they just could not be convinced that you can clean water. So funny!

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