Thursday, July 17, 2008


So one thing is that the air is almost unbreathable- it's actually been very good lately (like the sky is blue, and you can see the mountains that are 10 miles away) but the last couple of days I developed a smoker's cough. Hmmm. Then someone said everyone is burning their rice fields after the harvest. Also everyone is doing bai-bai-fires now, and it's kind humid and drizzly (some remnants of some typhoon).

Other cute thing- I was in this store near my place, kind of an oversized convenience store that also sells some meat and vegetables, and there was this cute little girl, maybe 7 or 8, buying what you'd expect a cute little girl to buy if she were shopping on her own- little plastic toys and candy. And, um, a couple of cans of beer? She was in front of me in line and also got cigarettes! I guess it's allowed for kids to do beer & cigarette runs for thier dads? The clerk totally didn't blink. At least she got to buy some stuff for herself!

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