Monday, July 14, 2008

Did you win?

Uh, no. (FYI- in case you're not the kind of person who enters races and you don't know, don't ask someone who enters races if they won. Of course they didn't. Instead, say, "How far did you go? Wow! That's amazing!" Even if they ran like a mile fun run.)

Anyhoo, the race results are up, and in Chinese but here's the gist...

Swim, 0:25:58, 680th place
Bike, 1:39:55, 756th place
Run, 0:35:53, 708th place
Overall, 2:41:46, and hard to tell what place. About 1500 people competed but that included people who did relays- 3 people each doing one leg (wimps!- just kidding) so I think it's out of about 900 or 1000 complete races.
I couldn't find anything broken down for women so that's comparing me to men too.

The bike time includes the swim-to-bike transition, and the run inlcudes the bike-to-run transition (getting lost in the transition tent, among other things). That's cool because I thought my time might be close to that just for the 5k. If I were a good triathlete I'd have faster transitions but...

Other funny things: I placed highest in the swim, where I worked hard and always failed, and lowest in the bike where I felt like I learned so much and improved so much. But what can ya do. I can't even totally blame it on my bike- there probably weren't 755 really fast bikes there to beat me. Heck I know a guy with a flat tire finished before me.

One more thing: I was so worried a month ago because of the time limits on each leg: 30 min swim (do-able), 60-min bike (impossible), 40-min run (doable). I called the organizers and they said don't worry about it. Looking at the race results, like the 3 fastest racers cleared the bike in under an hour;
everyone else was over.

OK! No more triathlon! I promise!

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