Sunday, July 20, 2008

They stare at not only you but me.

That is the title of the blog I found as I have a cold today and read a few blogs of people living in Taiwan. This one is written by a Taiwanese person with excellent but not-quite-perfect English. I totally have to use that line though: "Could you please move your eyesight away?"

A Canadian complained to me it was uncomfortable to be stared by Taiwanese people on the street. It certainly is, but reasonable and understandable.

It's all about curiosity. I bet my foreign friends could never know I was stared too when I was with them in public places. I'm not sure if I was too sensitive, but I just felt this way. People seemed to stare at me when I talked with my friends. Their eyes were inquiring "Why are you with a foreigner? What are you saying?" And some of them even stared at me in a hostile way. Take today for example, a woman waiting for the traffic light looked at me and my friend when we walked by. I had an eye contact with her. The way she stared at me was very very irritating to me. I should've shouted out "Could you please move your eyesight away?"

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