Sunday, July 20, 2008


I made the best meal.

Avocados are in season- huge crazy ones but only at certain fruit stands.  I stopped at my favorite fruit stand- I have to get a picture- these 2 guys own it and always compliment my Chinese and tell me the fruit I picked out isn't the best, and go pick me out some better fruit.  Tonight they asked if I'd been drinking because my face was so red.  Nope, running, I said.  Ah, running, of course, they said.  Sarcastically?  Who can tell, in Chinese.

I searched for some avocado recipes.  Usually I search for recipes and then substitute based on what's available until my meal bears no resemblance to the recipe.  So this is tilapia with a sauce made from the stuff that came with the couscous I bought at Carrefour- some sort of mediterranianey tomato and olive thing.  And cut-up avocado, and orzo (which I'd never eaten before, but yum!)

tilapiaMy Saturdays are not too thrilling- at work from 9:30 to 5:30 at least (8 hours!  Can you imagine?  It really feels like a lot!), then head over to the elementary school track near Hess to run, then buy some fixin's for dinner and make/ eat a nice dinner.  But I enjoy them.

The track is always interesting- today I:  watched people walk their pot-bellied pig until the security guard yelled at them; saw monks do tai-chi; helped a little girl who climbed up too far on the monkey bars and started crying and there were only short people around so I lifted her up and set her down (after asking her grandma if she wanted me to, of course!)  Also saw 2 men who looked to be in their 50s or 60s run a flat-out race down the straight stretch of the track.  By that time there weren't many people on the track and one asked me in English if I wanted to "run with them" which of course meant race.  So fun!  I let them win- but only once I realized that I was barely going to win and it would make a good story for them if I barely let them win.  Either way I had to jog SLOOOOWLY around the track once to get my breath back- I hope I can run like that when I am... however old.  Although their entire workout seemed to be 3 15-second sprints and lots of resting.  But who am I to judge?

(Can you tell I'm entertained by the ability to easily add pictures, and links to websites?  Yes.)

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