Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hilarious blogs

I just realized- blogs about Taiwan written by native speakers are boring. (They're about all the same things as my blog, but they're not about me.) But blogs about Taiwan written by Taiwanese people- love them! I should point out that I'm not mocking their lack of command of English- their English is awesome. But I love when people who are speaking a second language don't know the exact idiomatic way to say something but what they invent is just so apt.

Here's a treat from a man, talking about his cat:

I’m sorry. Of course. There is another important member of our family that I forget to introduce. Baobao!! Baobao came to our family for 4 years. When she came, she was just 100 days new borned body. She is scorpio, too. By cat’s age, she is around 35 years old like the age of those women from “sex and the city”.

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