Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Asian Squat

This picture is of some people from Vietnam trying to boat illegally into Taiwan and being arrested. You see how they're like squatting with their feet flat on the floor and knees together? That's not some weird form of torture imposed by their captors. That's comfortable for them. That's the Asian Squat.

Everyone here can do it. Old people do it for hours on end. They love it.

I... cannot. I think Westerners are physically unable to squat like this. When I use the squat toilets I kind of balance on my toes because I can't make my feet solid on the floor.

Sometimes out in service, especially if you're talking to street vendors, they will invite you to sit... on these tiny stools that a rectangle about 6" by 8" and about 4 inches of the ground. I'm like, I can stand and talk as long as you want but I really cannot sit on that. Especially not in a skirt, but not even in pants. I've had to explain to a few people I'm out in service with a lot that I'm just physically unable to do this. It's not something that makes me too sad but it is kind of funny.

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