Monday, July 21, 2008

Typhoon Report:

Tropical Storm KALMAEGI

The storm caused 16 deaths and 11 people remain missing. The deaths and disappearances were spread across almost every county. Local officials are accusing the State Meteorological Office of insufficiently warning citizens of the storm's potential for severe rainfall and danger.

Economic damages are estimated at NT$111 million

Wow~ I didn't realize it was that bad. Since I slept through most of it I was unaware, and I guess in Fong Yuan it was just lots of rain, but people say in Taichung there was lots of flooding and damage. Jasmine said she saw a car almost underwater in an underpass- there are underpasses under the train tracks which they close when it starts to flood.

Poor hurricane forecasters. What a job. They did make it sound like we wouldn't get anything here, but how can you know? It must be harder because Taiwan is so little. So if you're even a little inaccurate in the forecast, that's the difference between hitting Taiwan head-on or totally missing it.

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