Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cute kids

This blog isn't strictly chronological... I woke up really early on Sunday, the day after my triathlon. Like 6:30. I had some pb&j out on the balcony, hoping it was just hunger that made me awake, but I still couldn't get back to sleep so I figured I'd just go walk around and let Janelle & Kirsten sleep.

It wasn't long before cyclists started passing by from the Olympic Triathlon they were holding on Sunday. There was a small crowd gathered to cheer them on. It was really exciting! There were some people who were definitely at the top but still some people riding by on their mountain bikes. They were early on in the bike stage, though.

These little cuties were cheering but I don't think they understood that it was for the bikers- they would start clapping when everyone else clapped and then collapse in giggles over how fun it was.

After the girls got up (at like 9 o'clock) we walked around town and found these kids selling vegetables from their cart. One thing about people in Taiwan- they love to get their pictures taken. If someone would come up to me and ask to take my picture, I'd be like, why, crazy person? But you can go up to a stranger and motion at your camera and they totally strike a pose.

I would've like to have gotten a shot of these kids in their full vendor mode but as soon as they saw the camera they posed. Then I bought one of their nameless vegetables because it was only $10, and they were delighted. The little boy was like, "Only $10! It's exactly right." OK that doesn't translate well- he said "shi kuai! Jiushi hao." Anyways... Then I had to find a place to discreetly set down this crazy unwanted vegetable. Janelle said I should give it to someone and I told her she was welcome to it. So she went up to a little restaurant that had vegetables kind of on display and asked the lady if she wanted it, and she was so delighted! It was really hilarious. Janelle was like, "Your $10 vegetable has brought a lot of joy to this place."

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