Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's not so bad...

I feel like I complain too much on this blog. Really, most of my life is OK to good. But it's so boring to write, today was OK, and one slightly good thing happened.

Also, Taiwanese people in general (and my friends in particular) are amazingly patient with my stupidity. For instance: the other day I went to Sushi Express, and usually they seat me either right near the door (where hot air blows on my and I'm deafened by them shouting Japaneses greetings) or in this side row where there's not quite enough room for people to walk behind me. And I always go at lunch time, when it's not crowded, so I decided I would start to politely ask to sit near the back of the restaurant. They always act like it's this out-of-the-ordinary demand and they really have to think about it, like no one's ever asked that before, but they always accede.

So yesterday I made my little dish of soy sauce and I was waiting for my sushi. Now there are little garbage buckets for you to put your garbage in at every few seats. So I took the wrapper off my chopsticks and noticed there was a garbage hole right next to me- all dark inside. I even thought, I have to be careful not to drop something in there. So I pushed my wrapper down inside and of course it was my dish of soy sauce that looked like a dark hole and it spilled all over, of course right as the waiter comes. To him I'm sure it looked like I just decided to splash soy sauce everywhere. But he was so nice to clean it up.

Then a waiter comes with this box you can pick a piece of paper out of, I guess to win something. So I take one and he babbles quickly in Chinese and starts gesturing at one of my plates of sushi. (they put 2 pieces on each little plate, and when you're done they count up your plates to know your bill.) I just stare blankly and he starts to pick up a plate- I said no, I want to eat that! He babbles too fast in Chinese and I try to take the plate back and in the process the sushi fell off. I was just like, what? why? whatever. Later he came back with replacement sushi and took one of the plates I'd already finished- and it finally occurred to me that I must have won a free thing of sushi so he wanted me to put 2 of the sushis on a plate with 2 others so he could take it away. Oh! Poor waiters.

Some other time I will tell you about how stupid I am at the library, where everyone speaks English. Sometimes I'm just such a retard, it's crazy.

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