Saturday, June 21, 2008

supporting the local bike shop

I went and added some dollars to the local economy- got cool bike stuff. Okay the only cool thing was a bike computer, which tells my speed, distance, cadence (number of times my legs go around per minute), etc. The first few times I rode with it I was always starting at the speed instead of the beautiful views or, um, traffic, but I've gotten used to it. And it was like $20. How cool!

The other stuff, not so cool, but so functional. Smooth tires. A pair of bike shorts and a biking shirt- it has pockets on the back to hold food and water. Another polyester tube:

Looks crazy but so useful. I call it a "helmet liner". I bought one last year for wearing under my scooter helmet to keep the sweat from getting out of hand. I could wear it over my hair and not look like a freak (see "foulard"),

but it's so much more functional to wear it burka-style (balikalava):

Prevents neck sunburns. I also wear it around my neck when I run in the sun- it's all about preventing heat stroke.

Finally, maybe the stupidest-looking thing: arm tubes. Of course I've got the cotton arm tubes for scootering, but these are for biking. Keeps your arms from getting overheated and sunburned.

As I was picking them out, I was trying on a pair and found, wow, the small totally fit me, it was even a little big! And totally long enough. Then the salesgirl said, "Those are for your legs." Oh. But I did buy the size Large- pretty sweet. I love fitting into Larges!

Anyways, why is everything I buy for exercise ugly? Seriously, you can't really buy a cute bike jersey. At least not in my size. Bike shorts I can understand- black is as good as they could possibly be- but why are running shorts so ugly? And running shoes, especially? The most expensive footwear I buy is also the ugliest.

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