Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beatin' myself up

I don't mean the metaphorical my- Chinese-is terrible, why am I a failure stuff. This time it's literal.

Got clipless pedals for my bike. Got them off a foreigner who was leaving. The shoe actually clips onto the pedal (that's why they call them clipless... um... what? But it's true) so you are steadier and all your power is transferred to the pedal. Which is great, except your shoes are connected to the pedal, and you have to unclip to put your foot down to balance when you stop.

I thought it would be so hard but I practiced and practiced and went on a slow ride and it was so easy! Then Saturday I headed out on a serious ride and at the very first intersection I forgot to unclip. And I went down. It's just tipping over with nothing to stop you. I banged up my elbow and knee pretty good, but finished the ride, cleaned up the blood, went to teach my 6 hours and put on ice packs when I could.

They were still sore (just scraped and bruised) Monday when one of my kids kicked my sore knee (by accident- he was jumping up and down excitedly while I sat on a chair near him, never a good idea- and when he saw the I'm-going-to-die look on my face, immediately said, "Sorry, teacher- I'm sorry sorry sorry!") But it hurt like heck for the rest of the class. Then I banged my elbow on the darn 7-11 door. Then I was getting my scooter out of a tight place and somehow the scooter kickstand landed on my toes- ouch. So now I've got two bruised and scraped toes.

So, I bought a proper ice-pack (no more ice in baggies) and an elbow guard thing, mainly just so I can protect my elbow and remind myself not to bang it, but I bought a small by accident so I'll buy a new one today. I feel pretty much better and I got in a long bike ride and a short run today so that was good. And didn't forget to un-clip this time!

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