Sunday, November 11, 2007


I did two things today that I am proud of. One is that my cell phone died the other day, and I bought a new one today! And it works with my SIM recharge card. It took a little bit of struggle but I did it. And only like $60 US.

The other was that I went to the dentist! There are these places all over called Dr. Wells, and for some reason I thought it was like a place to get the weird treatements Taiwanese women get to make themselves not fat. I was going to the gym this evening and I walked by one and realized it was a dentist, and open, so I walked in to see if I could get an appointment and they were like, we can see you now! The dentist spoke some English but not great but enough. I don't have any cavities which seems unbelievable, given that everything is sugary and sometimes I eat chocolate after I've brushed my teeth for the night. But yay! And years ago I used a medium hardness toothbrush and eroded the gums in the back of my mouth, or maybe the teeth? But he did a "restoration" to make normal teeth again, so they won't be sensitive. The total cost? $50 NT- a little over $1.50 US.

Sometimes I really like Taiwan.

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