Saturday, November 10, 2007

I keep feeling old all of a sudden. Like my roommates keep mocking me for having a email address. They're like, "Did you get that with your dial-up internet service?" and I'm like, yeah, of course I did. Why is that funny? But the idea of dial-up internet and juno is just intrinsically hilarious, I guess.

And then my roomate Kathryn (who is a few years out of college herself) and I were talking because she is leaving and I need to get her portion of the security deposit for our apartment to her.
Me: "If you want, I can put it in your bank account here, and you can take your MAC card home with you and take it out of a mac machine there."
Her: "What's a mac machine?"
Me: "What's a mac machine? It's where you get money!"
Her: "I don't think we have those in Virginia."
Me: "Oh... it's an ATM machine."
Her: "Why did you call it a MAC machine?"
Me: Um... because that's what they used to be called.
Her: When? In like the 90s?
Me: Well, yes.

The funny thing is I totally remember in my adult life, going out to eat with friends and someone saying "Did you hear they're trying to rename mac machines (something, I don't even remember now)" and we all laughed and were like, that will never catch on! I remember it was the day I renewed my drivers license for the second time- so I was 24!

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