Monday, November 12, 2007

Sucess! Success! More success!

Yeah! In the week I have:

- avoided collapsing in pilates class due to lack of balance, and avoided collapsing in "aerobic combat" (bad translation?) class due to fatigue
- eaten breakfast and done Bible studies with people who only speak Chinese, even shot the breeze for upwards of 30 minutes in Chinese, and totally understood it all! OK not all but really rolled with it well.
- was told in all seriousness that some Taiwanese people might respond poorly to me on the phone because of my Beijing accent, not because of my hideous American accent! (In Chinese of course)
- correctly identified the present perfect continuous tense to the poor students I teach English to
- and forgot how the heck you spell success (sucess? succes? I know that's not right!)
- oh, and my TreeHouse class can now pronounce English and orange!

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