Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Loudspeaker Advertising Trucks

One thing I won't miss in Taiwan is the advertising trucks. They're typically a small blue truck with a loudspeaker, sometimes with an advertisement on the side. They usually play a recording telling about what they're selling (most common seems to be cram schools, but also lots of restaurants, stores, stuff like that), then a little snippet of music- kids' songs for cram schools, pop music for other ads.
They're a curse on the roads, because they tend to drive very slowly in the scooter lane, forcing you to maneuver around them. They're also a curse when I'm at home because I can easily hear them on the 7th floor and they tend to drive around my neighborhood for about 1/2 an hour.
Here's a recording of one from my apartment window. Don't be jealous of my view. You can see the truck go by pretty early on but still hear it for the whole video.

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The Whale said...

Have you tried throwing garbage at them from a great height?