Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Triathlon Cometh

This Saturday I get in a taxi to go to my triathlon, which starts at 1. I'm pretty excited- I'm swimming much better, and I had an awesome bike and run yesterday. Just hope they are all as awesome on Saturday! The bike course is right up my alley, too- basically down an 8 km hill, then up a small hill, then turn around and go back- meaning it ends with an 8 km climb. Aside from the fact that I'm a wimp about going down hills, it should be fun.
Also, although it's been rainy and chilly this week, it's supposed to be sunny and 85 on Saturday! A little hotter than I'd like but oh well.
Now time to get some sleep!


Mike said...

Good luck! Is there some website in Engish for Taiwan triathlon info? I am a triathlete moving to Taiwan from the States looking to continue training and do some races.


Taiwan-Teacher said...

This has a list of events put on by the Chinese Taipei Triathlon Association: You can Google Translate it but you either need good Chinese skills or a Taiwanese friend to help you register.
Here's an English list of mostly running races, with some triathlons and duathlons: The ones put on by the "Taitung Super Triathlon Association" are by far the best organized and most English-friendly events I've participated in.
This site is in English and includes lots of stuff you'd want to know about triathlons in Taiwan, and lots of other stuff too... skim with patience. :)
Enjoy! I've had fun doing triathlons in Taiwan and the biking here can't be beat for beauty or safety.