Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seasons changing

When you bike back and forth to work, you really notice those extra few minutes of sunlight on the end of each day. At the beginning of the semester I turned on my blinky lights at the tail end of my ride home; now I can ride slowly and run an errand and still beat the sun home.

I do a long (about 2-hour) ride through the mountains into work once a week. When I took the picture further down the page, obviously the sun hadn't quite risen when I started my ride. Now it's already getting light out when I wake up. And the cute playful street puppies I always saw in a certain spot are now less cute half-grown dogs. (I guess they're not street puppies if they're on a mountain road, but they're not strays either because they didn't stray from anywhere- they were born on the streets, without an owner. Anyways.)

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