Thursday, February 18, 2010

Misery & Company

People. That is the temperature in my apartment.

I'm so glad my friend from the US visited last week. Cause this week is as bad as weather can get in Taiwan: cold cold cold and rain rain rain.

Actually the bad weather started to roll in on Saturday while she was still here- I took a perverse pleasure in the fact that she was cold and miserable and said so. Yes, 55* and rain is awful! It got warmer and nicer for her last day here on Sunday, though.

Tuesday another friend came down from Taipei to spend a few days here. My promises of hiking and bike paths turned into movies and space heaters, although we did venture out for a few hours each day. I felt like the world's dullest host especially since I woke up with a sore throat and earache today. She convinced me to stay home and rest instead of going out so it was a full day of movies and naps. She seemed to have fun though and since it's equally miserable in Taipei, I guess it was nice to be under a blanket in a different apartment for a while.

Also I saw my breath today! First time in Taiwan for sure.

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