Saturday, January 23, 2010

Water Machine

You're not supposed to drink the tap water in Taiwan. A lot of people have in-home filtration systems but they're kinda pricey and quite complicated and you have to, you know, change the filters sometimes which is a bit of a committment for me. A friend of mine boils her water but that's also a pain and I find her water give me indigestion.

Bottles or jugs of water are not too expensive (a 1.5 liter bottle is a dollar US at 7-11 and a gallon jug is about $2.50; sketchy Carrefour brand water is $7NT per liter) but I drink tons of water and I decided a couple of years ago to avoid bottled water as much as possible and bring my own reusable water bottle. Fortunately, there are water machines all over. It is basically $1NT per liter, but in practice most machines only take $10 coins so I fill up 2 5-liter jugs. There is this style and also some that look like a gas pump.

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