Monday, January 25, 2010

Getting pulled over

This was a pretty awesome experience. There are random traffic stops pretty often in Taiwan, esp. at night. Some policemen will stand along the side of the road and wave a glowing stick to tell people to pull over. I've been in a car that got pulled over, but usually they don't seem to pull over scooters.

Tonight as I drove home I saw one up ahead and they waved me over- maybe because I was kind of by myself, not in a group of traffic. But I hadn't done anything illegal! I had just turned off a side street. Right away the policeman said, "Oh, sorry!" in Chinese, which seemed like a funny way to start things off. So I said, "It's OK! What do you need to see?" He asked if I had a license, and I said yes, and started to stand up to get it out of the seat. He said to sit down and then said a bunch of stuff I didn't understand. I said sorry, I don't understand, and then they just waved me on.

I'd heard that this happens- I've actually heard of foreigners getting pulled over for speeding or running a light and when the policeman sees they're a foreigner, he just waves them off. Kinda makes me wonder why I went to the trouble of getting a license! Just kidding.

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阿牛 said...

Being licensed is the way to go!