Friday, January 01, 2010

a little song

Seriously, this winter is killing me. I remember it being this cold for like 3 days before. Today it was actually kinda warm- I even went for a hike in only a long-sleeve t-shirt- but tonight it's really cold again.

I've taken to wearing a mask on my scooter and that has helped. But that makes me fog up my helmet because I always sing a song to the tune of "Good King Wencelas" which I learned because it was in "Teaching Little Fingers to Play" (my first piano lesson book) and I had no idea it was a Christmas song until I was an adult.

Anyways, it goes:
Cold cold cold cold I am cold
Driving on my scooter
Though there's no snow round about
I am very cold-ah

Brightly shines my scooter light
But I am so cold-ah
But soon I will be at home
And I will be cold there.

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