Wednesday, December 30, 2009

End of a decade?!?

This is only the second holiday season I've spent in Taiwan (I spent two visiting home), and even though I don't celebrate them, it's weird to not have that way of signifying time is passing. Random Christmas carols notwithstanding.

This week the other teachers keep asking each other what they're doing for New Years and I'm like, it's New Years? Who knew. I just knew we had off on Friday. :) And, because I only read the weather, and exercise and recipe sites on the internet, I was caught off-guard when I did stumble upon some articles that attempt to sum up the decade. I totally missed that moving onto 2010 is kind of a thing. And what will we call it when we talk? '10? Weird.

Sorry if this is pointless. It turns out not jogging reallllly messes with my brain. But my stress fracture (or, hopefully, "stress reaction") only hurts now when I really press on it, so that's a good sign. Come to think of it, maybe I shouldn't press on it really hard?

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