Monday, September 14, 2009

Science Club

Our school has these after-school clubs that last 40 minutes and pay very well. I had a choice of teaching 3: basketball (impossible); speech (boring); or science. So I wound up getting 2nd-grade Science and wondering why I would sign up for that. But I got osme ideas for little experiments online and today was the first day.

It was actually pretty fun. It was 17 2nd-graders which is a lot when you don't know them. We did the old put newspaper at the bottom of a cup and put it in a bucket of water upside-down thing. They are young enough that they were amazed that it stayed dry. I demo'd how to do it and then each time a pair came up to do it themselves they'd take it out and say "Look! It's still dry!" all excited. Hopefully they will all go that well!

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RW said...

Just wanted to know I enjoy reading your blog. Very well done. I will be moving to Taiwan eventually and I enjoy reading about "life at ground level".