Sunday, September 20, 2009

Minor Updates

Not too much to report. I've been hoping for a typhoon day but so far no dice. There are 2 holidays coming up: Moon Festival and 10-10 day (a kind of national day) but they're both on Sundays so no vacation for me. The end of October we get a week off though.

No H1N1 holiday either, which is good. The situation at my school is kinda confusing- like there's a Chinese class of 30 students in the morning that split into 2 English classes for the afternoon; and the English class I teach in the morning joins another for Chinese in the afternoon. So there seem to be lots of possibilities of getting 2 kids sick within 3 days. Apparently there were 2 kids in my morning kids' Chinese class who had it (but none of my students) but since they caught it separately over the weekend, they didn't have to shut down the class. I guess if one of my classes would shut down I'd still teach the other (just work half days) then make it up by teaching for 2 full days. Not great but it wouldn't be too bad.

People are a little less worried about H1N1 but still vigilant with hand-washing and stuff. My students from the infected class were supposed to wear face masks and I wore one too for solidarity and to show them that it's possible to wear one without touching it constantly.

Yeah, nothing too exciting, eh? I need to get un-lazy and post some pictures. The weather has gone from too hot to bearable, yay!

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