Thursday, March 05, 2009

Rain and Scooters

So on Monday, after my terrible bike ride home, I had some hot tea and drove my scooter to my Chinese lesson. After my lesson, I go to start my scooter- no dice. So I walked it about 5 minutes to a scooter shop that was luckily still open. It turned out the push-button starter thing wasn't working but I could use the kick-start, and the scooter guy taught me how to use the kick-start so I was good to go. I decided I wanted to still get the push-button thing fixed but I have to wait until I have Jasmine to help convince the scooter people to fix it.

Tonight I was out in service, weather was nice, driving home and it got crazy windy, and then started raining. Finally it was raining hard enough that I decided to get my rain gear out. The wind was so wild it blew all the stuff in my seat all over and it was hard to get my raincoat on. Finally I gather my stuff up and went to start my scooter... and it didn't work. I waited, got wetter, tried again- still didn't work. There were no scooter shops anywhere close but there was a 7-11 nearby and I was just ready to walk to it when I decided to try the push-button starter. What do you know, it started right up!

But now I am for sure going to get both starters fixed!

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