Thursday, February 12, 2009


First day of work was Tuesday, and I've been teaching for 2 days. So far so good.

There are about 25 foreign teachers, and only 3 are girls! Including me. They are all super-friendly and helpful which is a relief. Most of them have been in Taiwan for years and years and years.

The kids are pretty good. I have 2 classes- one in the morning and one in the afternoons. They're 5th grade, still pretty cute. I teach them Reading & Writing, and a kind of Social Studies thing that's meant to be fun, and library and computers. I also teach 3 other classes library during the week- 1 class of 6th-graders, and 2 classes of 1st-graders, so I get my fix of cute little kids.

I have to be at school at 8:40 and I try to leave the house a little after 8 just so I'm not rushed and stressed. It only takes about 20 minutes but I just can't cut things tight in the morning- I piddle too much! Waking up hasn't been a problem but falling asleep early has been- hopefully I'll get that under control soon. Today I rode my bike and everyone thinks I'm hard-core. Yeah.

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