Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An almost-free lunch

I can eat at my school for $45, which is less than $1.50. It always includes a couple of meat/ fish/tofu dishes, 3 vegetables, some random thing, rice, and fruit for dessert. There have been days that it has been downright awesome- delicious fresh fish (head and all, but I'm used to that now), fried chicken, tofu with tasty sauce, fresh broccoli and carrots or snap peas. Other days, not so much. Today was a new low- the proteins were gross fried mystery meat patty and little whole-body fried fish with cottage cheese looking stuff inside- no, I didn't taste it- with seaweed and random Chinese greens and broccoli as the veggies. But papaya for dessert so that was cool.

Even when it's not great (except for today, that was really bad) it's as good as what I'd buy at any given cheap restaurant, and it's hot, and not too greasy, and you can eat as much as you want. And it saves me from having to plan/ cook/ pack a lunch. And now I can get most of my veggie servings in with lunch so I can eat food I really like for dinner. :) Usually only about half a dozen foreign teachers take advantage of it.