Sunday, October 12, 2008

10k 002  10k 001





Yeah, that's a finisher's medal.  But if there was a prize for sweatiest finisher....

I can't be too disappointed though.   I knew the hill would kill me and it did.  But I went as hard as I could and finished in a little over an hour.  Ugh.  Slow.  But I ran downhill fast!  I can't blame the poor time on being dehydrated or overly hydrated or not feeling good or anything.  I just didn't train for this race.  The hill behind me- that's not even a quarter of the height of the course. 

I have finally learned that not a lot of Taiwanese people run but the ones who do are not fooling around.  They are fast.  Even if I'd have hit the 50-52 minute goal time (and I think, given my pace on the 2 flat kms, I could have on a flat course), I wouldn't have placed.  I seriously don't know where these women train- I have literally never seen a woman running except at the track, and then it's always for a shorter time than me.  But good for the women (and men) who did it fast.





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Anonymous said...

Don't be too hard on yourself! Most people can't even run for 5 minutes much less over 60!